What is the Perpetual Corporation?

Perpetual Corporation

The Perpetual Corporation™ Unlocking Enduring Stability and Growth

Perpetual Corporation is a groundbreaking concept invented by Marc René Deschenaux that aligns the interests of management, staff, investors, shareholders, and creditors. By raising a large initial capital and investing it in secure assets like real estate and fixed-income securities, the corporation operates on a self-sustaining model that promotes long-term thinking and ensures financial stability.

A Revolutionary Approach to Aligning Interests Ensuring Long-Term Success

In a world of ever-changing business landscapes and fleeting opportunities, the Perpetual Corporation™ stands as a beacon of enduring stability and growth. This groundbreaking concept revolutionizes the way corporations are structured, fostering a unique alignment of interests among management, staff, investors, shareholders, and creditors. By introducing a simple yet powerful financial model, the Perpetual Corporation™ creates a platform for unparalleled long-term success and profitability.

At the core of the Perpetual Corporation™ lies a profound principle: the Corporation raises a substantial amount of capital, for instance, a hundred million dollars, through an initial public or private subscription. However, rather than immediately spending this capital, the corporation invests it strategically in real estate and fixed income securities, generating a steady stream of interest.

Unlike traditional companies, the Perpetual Corporation™ only utilizes a portion of the interest generated as its operational budget. This ensures that the Corporation maintains a strong financial foundation while safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders. Management and staff bonuses are directly tied to the company’s budget, fostering a vested interest in its growth and success.

In this unique system, profit becomes a catalyst for future growth. Whenever the Perpetual Corporation™ generates a profit, it adds it to the initial capital raised, thereby increasing the budget for the following year. This dynamic mechanism empowers management and staff, driving them to constantly strive for excellence and maximizing shareholder value.

Conversely, should the corporation face a loss, it doesn’t burden shareholders or hinder future prospects. Instead, the corporation pays dividends to its shareholders, deducting the loss from the initial capital raised, which in turn decreases the budget for the subsequent year. This innovative approach ensures that accountability and responsibility are integral parts of the corporate culture.

The Perpetual Corporation™ offers remarkable competitive advantages that are instrumental in its long-term success. With a financial model designed to mitigate risk, the company’s annual budget, including tax, cannot exceed its assets in cash multiplied by the annual interest rate guaranteed by its collective banking partners. This safeguard guarantees prudence and prevents excessive risk-taking.

Moreover, the Perpetual Corporation™ thrives on its ability to think long-term. Unburdened by short-sighted financial pressures, the company can focus on strategic planning, securing endless bargaining power within its means. It is never forced to accept compromised deals, ensuring that all decisions align with the company’s best interests and long-term objectives.

This unique approach to corporate governance not only provides unparalleled stability but also presents tremendous growth potential. With a steady and predictable financial performance, the Perpetual Corporation™ becomes an attractive investment option, attracting investors seeking sustainable returns. Its consistent growth on the stock exchange instills confidence among shareholders, eliminating concerns about the company’s existence or viability.

Thus, the Perpetual Corporation™ represents a revolutionary leap forward in corporate structure and governance. By aligning the interests of all stakeholders and employing a prudent financial model, this groundbreaking concept paves the way for unparalleled stability, long-term growth, and shareholder value. With its ability to think long-term, endless bargaining power, and steadfast existence, the Perpetual Corporation™ is poised to redefine corporate success for generations to come.