Perpetual Corporation™

Perpetual Corporation™ is a groundbreaking concept by Marc René Deschenaux of a corporation financially but not legally structured as a foundation, raising a large capital, through an Initial Public Offering, without spending any of it.

The corporation invests the money in real estate yielding assets and spends only part of the interest generated as operative budget of the corporation, distribute half of the rest as dividend and keeps the other half as retained earnings, thereby increasing its real estate portfolio of yielding assets.

The Perpetual Corporation™ aligns the interests of management, staff, investors, shareholders, and creditors. By raising a large initial capital and investing it in secure assets like real estate and fixed-income securities, the corporation operates on a self-sustaining model that promotes long-term thinking and ensures financial stability.

Do You realize these competitive advantages of the Perpetual Company?

  1. The management could always think long-term.
  2. It would have endless bargaining power within its means.
  3. Thus it would never have to accept a compromised deal.
  4. Its growth on the stock exchange would be steady.
  5. Nobody would have to worry about the corporate existence.

General Information